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Lemongrass Deodorant Cream

Lemongrass Deodorant Cream


Introducing our Lemongrass Deodorant Cream, made with only the finest ingredients for a natural and effective solution to underarm odor. Handmade with Shea Butter and Coconut Oil, this cream deodorant also contains Magnesium Hydroxide to neutralize odor and Arrowroot Powder to absorb moisture. Infused with Rosehip Oil and Vitamin E Oil, it provides nourishing benefits for your skin. The refreshing scent of Lemongrass Essential Oil leaves you feeling clean and invigorated all day long. Try our Lemongrass Deodorant Cream and experience the power of nature in a jar.




Ingredients: Shea Butter, Coconut Oil, Magnesium Hydroxide, Rosehip Oil, Lemongrass Essential Oil, Arrowroot Powder, Vitamin E Oil

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